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Why use a qualified Electrician?

Each year, defective wiring or appliances cause over 12,500 fires in homes like yours, resulting in 25 deaths and over 590 injuries. There are also over 500 injuries and 5 deaths caused by faulty electrical installations.
Recent surveys show that over 2 millions homes in the UK need some kind of electrical repair. Older houses are especially at risk. There are also 2,000 injuries and 30 deaths from electrocution in the home, many of which are due to DIY and amateur repairs. That's why the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)recommends that home wiring installations are checked every 10 years!
Increasing legislation is being enforced to try and prevent a number of accidents and deaths from faulty installations and repairs. If you live in England or Wales especially, you are now required by law to use an electrician competent to current standards, to carry out most electrical work. You are not only risking penalties, but also your life.


The message is simple: DON'T Do-it-Yourself !

Why use a TrustMark member?

The TrustMark Website has the largest database of accredited tradesmen in the country and provides a route for householders to find reputable tradesmen 24/7.


All firms operate to the same core criteria by signing a code of practice that includes insurance, good health, safety practices and customer care. Further to this firms provide deposit protection and offer additional warranty cover along with a user friendly complaints procedure. By operating to these criteria firms signed up to TrustMark are able to state they operate to Government Endorsed Standards.

Tradesmen joining NAPIT have the option to join TrustMark, however, by also joining the TrustMark scheme tradesmen and firms can market themselves as TrustMark approved, have use of the logo and also have their details displayed on the TrustMark website. With on average over 250,000 viewings of firms’ details per month the website may increase your opportunities of receiving more enquiries from homeowners.

Furthermore if as a Homeowner you choose to use a NAPIT Trademan also registered with TrustMark you will have the added peace of mind that they have not only been assessed by NAPIT for the correct qualifications and business practices to carry out a fair job at a fair price, they will also be fully approved by TrustMark and independently checked to ensure consumer protection.

Why use a NAPIT member?


1.You know exactly who is working for you…
Every NAPIT professional carries an identity card which shows who they are and what work they are qualified to carry out.

2.Guarantees you can trust
NAPIT Members carrying out domestic work in the UK can also be part of the Government Trustmark scheme. This gives you the assurance that the work will be carried to a professional standard. TrustMark signifies that a business has insurance, good health and safety practices and proper dealings with customers. NAPIT carries out regular checks on the quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction. This is not mandatory to every NAPIT member, however, it is encouraged as an added benefit to both members and the public to re-enforce good working practices.


3.Work Quality Guarantee for your peace of mind
All work that is completed under a written contract and is notified to NAPIT is covered by a Work Quality Guarantee. In the event that your tradesperson is no longer in business, NAPIT provides a warranty to ensure that your installation will comply with the appropriate industry standards for six-years from the date of completion.

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